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raw, uncut, uncensored, ranting, raving, etc etc...

my memory is weak... so much has changed, I can't remember half the people on my friends list... it's kind of superficial like that... of course I haven't read or written in this journal forever...but that is what it is... I keep thinking how pathetic people are, myself included... this bullshit world where everything is so fucked up, yet for once in my life I can smile... I can focus.. or not focus... whatever my choice is... for once I feel free... of a lot of shit... I don't know, but I do... there is still a lot of anger in my system over a lot of shit... I am still not the most stable but this is the best I’ve felt in a long time... but yeah I don't know... I don't even know if this makes any sense... if anyone cares I have another journal at believenothing sorry to all the people I didn't add to my friends list in the past... most of this was based on paranoia, and whatever bullshit I was feeling at the time... :shrugs: check that journal out if you still read this yet don't know about it, since I can make no promises about my continuation of using this journal... :shrugs:
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