Divided By Zero (evil20) wrote,
Divided By Zero

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Stop re-inventing the pen you moron.

There are no new pen inventions.....they've invented pens to their brink. You cannot invent pens any farther. So quit it.
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i have to sell inflatable pens at work
Oh, come on... there's always room for improvement... isn't there?

*bites Mr. Evil* Why the hell can't I see other peeples comments. I bet they're sooooooo interesting and you're hiding them from me just because you don't want me to be entertained by the interesting comments. You meanie. Gah. Oh well. You can sooooo invent pens further, I want one with a damned computer thing in it. *daydreams about computer pen* *kisses, sorry bout that bite, but you deserved it*
much love,
I'm glad to see you're up and using your journal again. I'd hate to not be able to read about what's going on. Oh by the way we might be getting a manager/producer. My friend Carrie told me she's meeting a guy named Dave. That has a company called WatchTower and that he could hook us up. We need to start having auditions for lead guitarists.
you may not know me and im sorry if im bothering you.. just looking for people that used to use the old concentric bbs back in the day.. disregard if you have no clue what im talking about.