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like clockwork it is set in motion...

ok i know i didn't print out 12 pages of my journal, and there is no way it could have happened "accidentally"... my brother swears on his life that he didn't do it, so that leaves my parents... who claim to not have done it either... well this is what it comes down to, i know my dad [and maybe my mom] reads this and has gone through everything on here, and i feel violated, i know this is public, but i figure my parents would respect my thoughts and my privacy, and trust me, evidently they don't... so this is what it comes down to, i cannot comfortably write in this anymore... so i will leave it up to the people who read this thing, should i delete my account [this meaning also that my parents stop reading this and respect my privacy] or not... i know the damage is done, but i cannot write in this anymore, and i do not believe in censoring what i write... so EVERYONE comment and let me know, this will be my last entry until lets say Friday night, and depending on everything either i will keep it up or i will delete my account...
thank you for your time and all my friends have been awesome, but i just think it is time to end this, maybe pay off the rest of my karmic debt...

Rev. Shack
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