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watch it all burn down, taste the ashes...

so went to "practice" today, what a fucking joke... everyone except spinedamn87 and gabe are fucking lazy bastards... we have had maybe 2 good practices this whole fuckin' month and we usually try to practice Monday through Friday... you do the math... so since we can't really "punish" anyone and i have put too much blood, sweat, and tears into this band to just up and quit... i will deprioritize Subject-A... hell i got better things i could do anyways... like find a better job, get ready to move out, put more effort into my education, work on getting a relationship going, hell playing video games... anything... my new musical project is a yet unnamed industrial band with spinedamn87, i will put Subject-A on a back burner and watch it crash face first into total oblivion... it will hurt but sometimes one has to remove the limb to prevent further infection... not to get an ego here, but fucking spinedamn87 and i were the back bone of this damn band... and if everyone else cannot have the respect or responsibility to either carry on full speed or just quit, then they can go fuck themselves... i haven't the time for this and i am all out of patience...

Rev. Shack
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