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and he looked down upon the world tears staining his face... and he laughed...

and sometimes i think about martyrdom... sometimes i think the best way to teach people is through example and sacrifice of self... then other times i think people are just too stupid to understand anyways... and sometimes i think it doesn't necessarily have to be a physical martyrdom, it could be mental or emotional... and someone somewhere will get the idea and learn to live a little better... it's raining out here, it's so beautiful... thunder and lightning and rain... yet it's still pretty warm out... perfect... earlier i was so bored i wanted to sleep and now i am like wide awake... i will lurk online for a while then maybe play some video games and then go to sleep... right now everything feels so right so perfect... and i don't know why or how... just that it does... i am at peace...

Rev. Shack
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