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i'm a liar, a liar... ok now i will go to bed... i promise... :chuckles:

I AM: still listening to the same bucket head song
I THINK: that the world should implode, and then explode, so i can fly into space like i am on some intergalactic slip n' slide
I KNOW: i probably sound crazy right now
I WANT: sex, drugs, rock n' roll, and a nice cool refreshing beverage would be nice
I WISH: there were some things i could figure out
I HATE: nothing at the moment [wow]
I MISS: hanging out with mary especially on fridays [but we did today so yay to that :smiles:]
I FEAR: heights, hospitals, needles
I SEARCH: for answers
I WONDER: if i will sleep in tomorrow and be late for work
I REGRET: just a few things...
I LOVE: my friends, my cats, mary, life, full moons, forests, pools, food, internet, my mind right now
I ACHE: to understand
I CARE: a lot though i hardly show it
I ALWAYS: know
I AM NOT: crazy
I DANCE: only when i'm drunk
I SING: when there are no vocalists for subject-a and quite bad actually
I CRY: every once in a while when i am sad
I DO NOT ALWAYS: jerk off
I FIGHT: for what i believe in
I WRITE: angsty entries that nobody really cares about
I WIN: i do?? kick ass!!!
I LOSE: my sense of direction sometimes
I CONFUSE: myself and others
I LISTEN: to music
I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND: at home or compound slaughter-hill
I NEED: a car and some money would be nice
I AM HAPPY ABOUT: a few things, i actually cannot wait until august i am excited about this vacation
I EXPECT: more from myself
I SHOULD: go to bed

Rev. Shack
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