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it's like ritual...

damn this bucket head song is fucking tight as hell... too bad i can't remember the name of it, all my file says is BUCKET~9.mp3 because somehow my files got mangled... but yeah... so get home and tell my parents that i am going to bed, check all the journals not on my friends list, check my friends list, and then post a new entry... like clockwork... mary came over and saved my day today... today was so shitty and fucked up... she came by we went bowling... she kicked my ass on all fronts [i guess today wasn't my day for bowling...] then we chilled at compound slaughter-hill... it was awesome... thank you mary for making my evening 110 times better than my day... she dropped me off at home, i asked her for a hug, that's was kinda weird... i probably looked and sounded retarded... i'm sure... but yeah anyways... that was my kick ass evening and now i am off to bed... good night all...

Rev. Shack
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